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1 B.A Pass
11 BBA
12 BCA
16 M.A-(HINDI) 
18 M.COM

POs and COs are measured through Academic and Non-academic performance of the students.


Direct Method:-

POs and COs are reflected in the quantified achievements /results of the students in internal evaluations and end semester examination.

Workshops and seminars organised periodically are opportunities for enhanced experimental learning thereby facilitating evaluation of students’ abilities of leadership ,co-operation ,organisational skills and attainment of goals.

Seminars and paper–presentations are used as important strategies for attainment of COs and POs  at PG level and it is also an opportunity for  the college to measure the same.

Indirect Method:-

There are two methods to evaluate the performance of the students:

    the students Progression to higher studies and


In both these methods of evaluating POs  and COs, the teachers will have to remain in touch with such students through the Mentor System, the Placement Cell and Alumni Association.

Students’ performance in varied curricular and co-curricular activities , both at intra college and inter college events , is used as a component in the index of realisation of POs .

Mechanism of communication

The college has clearly stated learning outcomes of the programs  and the courses. The following mechanism is followed  by the institution to communicate the learning outcomes to the teacher and students.

Hard copy of  syllabi and learning outcomes are available in the departments for ready reference to the teachers and students.

Learning outcomes of the programs and courses are displaced on departmental notice board.

Soft copy of Curriculum and learning outcomes of programs and courses are also uploaded on the websites of the college for reference.

The importance of the learning outcomes has been communicated to the teachers in every IQAC meeting and general staff meeting of the college .

The students are also made aware of the same through induction programme of the department and the college . 

Programme outcomes of Arts faculty

Arts Faculty aims at enabling students sharpen  their inmate faculties. Its major focus is on developing an understanding among the students of cultural ,historical, political, geographical, economic and environmental  forces which shape the world. It equips them well and makes them thoughtful for bringing an effective change in the society and build a better Nation.

Students are enabled to make use of their innovative thinking, develop their own perspective regarding  the problems facing them and the society at large. Their understanding of the complex problems is developed and they develop a know how to analyze and critically reflect on them to suggest a viable solution.

Students develop an inter disciplinary perspective  to understand their chosen field of  study and thus a more integrated knowledge .

Students learn to work in groups which help them develop a multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual perspective.

Programme outcomes for B.Sc. and M.Sc.

B.Sc. Medical

B.Sc. curriculum is so designed to provide the students a comprehensive understanding about the fundamentals of science subjects covering all the principles and perspectives.

The branches of subjects expose the diversified aspects where the students experience a broader outlook of the subject.

B.Sc. medical student is able to acquire knowledge regarding botany, zoology and chemistry.

Medical students will be able to define and explain major concepts in the biological sciences.

They are able to use biological instrumentation and laboratory techniques in a proper way.

Students will be able to communicate biological instrumentation and proper laboratory techniques.

The practical exercises done in the laboratories impart the students the relationship between structure and function at all levels; molecular, cellular and organismal.

They can opt for Indian Forest Services, and higher studies in Botany, Chemistry and Zoology.

B.Sc.  Non Medical

The syllabi of B.Sc. course are discretely classified to give stepwise advancement of the subject knowledge right through the three years of the term.

The practical exercises done in the laboratories impart the students the knowledge about various chemical reagents and reactions. Non Medical student is able to concentrate on Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

A non-medical student is able to solve the problem andalso think methodically, independently and draw a logical conclusion.

Employ critical thinking and the scientific knowledge to design, carry out, record and analyze the results of experiments.

A non medical student can join Indian Air Force, Indian Navy  or other competitive examinations.

He or She can also go for higher studies in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Banking sector is also a good option for them.


PROGRAMME OUTCOME OF B.COM (P) AND B.COM (H) (H) and (P) programme aims to equip students with the knowledge skills and attitude to meet the challenges of the modern day business organisations. These programmes bring out reflective and scientific thinking in the students which makes them inquisitive and curious to get deep insights of the business world and tackle the complex situations with much knowledge and wisdom.

1.      It will inspire the students in enhancing the knowledge and understanding of the business world and its complexities.

2.      It will develop inclusive knowledge of the areas related to finance, HRM, marketing, international business environment, corporate laws, accounting, taxation etc.

3.      The students will be made capable of using modern ways and means of dealing with issues arising in the dynamic business world.

4.      The students will be exposed to the pedagogy that will help them understand real life situations through case studies.

5.      It will enhance the communication skills of the students and will make the students capable enough to deliver and communicate information effectively.

6.      The course/programme will make them understand the need of the current business world and make them capable to look at various aspects from global perspective.

7.      It aims at instituting entrepreneurial skills in the students by instilling in them competencies needed to become an entrepreneur.

8.      It broadens the horizons of the students by making them understand the ins and outs of the business world and overall the economics of the country as well as the world.

9.      The programme enables the students to think of a given problem from different perspectives like economic, financial, social etc and broadens the horizon of their thought processes.

10.  The programme will enable the students to be technologically updated as it has courses like basics of computer/IT, MS Excel etc which will make them independent enough in this world of digitization.



1.Students will be able to understand the role of business-men, entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, and the same is required for critical decision making.

2.This course provides a learning environment to the students through students can understand the global and national perspective of the economy.

3.The course will provide the skills required for effective communication, decision making techniques which are useful for day to day routine business problems.

4.The course provides a platform for the researchers to get new dimensions for the economy. Through this programme the students will involve in various co-curricular activities; and demonstrate their practical and theoretical knowledge; and gain practical exposure in corporate world.

5.Students can also acquire practical skills to work as tax consultant, audit assistant and other financial supporting services.

6.Students will be able to do higher education and advance research in the field of commerce and finance.

7.Students are able to understand and develop ethical, logical and professional behavior.

8.It helps the students to demonstrate adequate skills, knowledge and ability to nurture them for tackling the different situations of the life for their overall development.

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